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          Company Profile
          Our company is located in Gold-Yuhuan County of Zhejiang Province which is world famous as its production base of plumbs and valves.
          Our company main products: Corrugated hose series, compressed hose series, metallic braided hose series, valve ,brass fitting ,stainless steel fitting ,hardware product and so on.
          The company has rich technology power and advanced equipments.Our metallic braided hose, corrugated hose,compressed hose series are best-selling at international market like Europe and so on.We have been won the customer and market affirmation, also deeply trusted by customers home and abroad.
          The company staffs are technical knowledge primarily communities.
          They believe in the values of company and take the company's development direction as the pursuit .We pay more attention to create and innovate for the hose product and to realize the social value and self- value incessantly.
          We are always sticking to the purposes:
          "Quality is the life of and enterprise"
          "Till good is better but better best"
          "Unceasingly commitment to excellence throughout is our consistent goal "
          We sincerely hope to set up and develop good business relationship and cooperation with all customers. Huasheng 's enterprise culture is made from the common effort of the "Huasheng (Shida) staff".We hold "honest, simple, sureness, vigor, innovation, respect" six big spirits.
          In the manner of the justice ,fair and open way to build a happy work atmosphere .Each "Huasheng staff" will meet the market and the work challenge with the company . We grow together and establish a victory and best team.
          Company Profile
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